Dumpster Pad Cleaning

How to Keep Your Dumpster Area Sanitary

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Dumpster pads are wet, full of gunk and slippery, even on a dry summer day. Each time an employee makes a trash run, you are liable for their safety. Employees who slip and fall while carrying heavy, cumbersome, bags, boxes and trash containers are likely to end up with nasty work-related injuries.

As an employer, you are responsible and liable in any case of a work related injury. The business could end up paying for emergency room treatment and extended health care costs for a preventable accident in the work place.

Protect yourself, and your business, from this costly and dangerous liability. Call the pros at Gunk Busters today, We'll clean your dumpster pad, wash your front entrance, and power wash the service entrance to keep your workplace safe and free of slip and fall hazards.

To schedule eco-friendly dumpster pad cleaning services, reach out to a member of our staff today.

Why is dumpster pad cleaning important?

Why is dumpster pad cleaning important?

Everyone from homeowners to restaurant owners could benefit from hiring a dumpster pad cleaning crew. By scheduling our services regularly, you can prevent your concrete from becoming:

  • Smelly - a stench around your dumpster pad is a surefire sign that it needs to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Unsightly - a dumpster pad that's covered in crud and spilled liquids will ruin your property's appeal
  • Dangerous - a dirty dumpster pad will attract pests that pose a health risk to your loved ones or employees

Don't let a foul dumpster pad cause problems around your property - call 307-776-GUNK (4865) now to schedule a dumpster pad pressure washing appointment.